NRS 612.615

  • source and use of money.


There is hereby created the Employment Security Fund as a special revenue fund.


Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (a) of subsection 6 of NRS 612.445, all interest and forfeits collected under NRS 612.618 to 612.675, inclusive, 612.7102 to 612.7116, inclusive, and 612.740 must be paid into the Fund.


All money which is deposited or paid into the Fund is hereby appropriated and made available to the Administrator or for any other purpose authorized by the Legislature. The money may not be expended or made available for expenditure in any manner which would permit its substitution for, or a corresponding reduction in, federal payments which would, in the absence of this money, be available to finance expenditures for the administration of the employment security laws of the State of Nevada.


This section does not prevent this money from being used as a revolving fund to cover expenditures, necessary and proper under the law, for which federal payments have been duly requested but not yet received, subject to the repayment to the Fund of such expenditures when received.


Except as otherwise provided in this section, money in this Fund available to the Administrator must be used by the Administrator for the payment of costs of:


Administration which are found not to have been properly and validly chargeable against federal grants received for or in the Unemployment Compensation Administration Fund; or


Any program or the implementation of procedures deemed necessary by the Administrator to ensure the proper payment of benefits and collection of contributions and reimbursements pursuant to this chapter or for any other purpose authorized by the Legislature.


The Administrator may use money deposited in this Fund from a penalty imposed pursuant to paragraph (b) of subsection 6 of NRS 612.445 for any purpose that furthers the integrity of the system of unemployment compensation established pursuant to this chapter.


Any balances in this Fund do not lapse at any time, but are continuously available to the Administrator for expenditure consistent with this chapter.


Money in this Fund must not be commingled with other state money, but must be maintained in a separate account on the books of the depositary.

Source: Section 612.615 — Creation; source and use of money., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-612.­html#NRS612Sec615.

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