NRS 612.457
Withholding of benefits for obligation for support of child.


Any person filing a claim for benefits shall, at the time the person files his or her claim, indicate whether he or she owes an obligation for the support of a child.


If a person eligible for benefits indicates that he or she owes such an obligation, the Administrator shall notify the state or local agency responsible for enforcing that obligation.


The Administrator shall withhold from the benefits to a person with an obligation for support the amount:


Specified by that person to be withheld, if there is no agreement or order;


Agreed upon by that person and the state or local agency, if there is no order; or


Required to be withheld by the Administrator by an order of a court served on the Administrator.


The Administrator shall pay the amounts withheld under this section to the appropriate state or local agency.


Any amount withheld by the Administrator under this section shall be deemed to be paid:


To the person as his or her benefit; and


By that person in satisfaction of his or her obligation for support.


This section applies only if the state or local agency receiving money from the Administrator for the support of a child agrees to reimburse the Division for the cost of administering this section.


For the purposes of this section, an obligation for the support of a child includes support from a parent or other person legally responsible for the child’s support and those attorney’s fees, interest and costs which may have been awarded pursuant to an order of a court.


As used in this section, “benefits” means any money or other assistance paid to the person for his or her unemployment pursuant to this chapter and pursuant to any agreement with the Federal Government.

Source: Section 612.457 — Withholding of benefits for obligation for support of child., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-612.­html#NRS612Sec457.

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