Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices

Sec. § 599A.060
Unfair practices unlawful; penalties.


In the solicitation of any customer, it is an unfair practice for any person to commit any of the following acts:


To misrepresent any material fact.


To conceal any material fact.


To make any false or deceptive statement.


To fail to disclose any conditions or obligations connected with any gift or other free benefit offered to such customer.


To contact anyone for the purpose of soliciting such person to attend a land sales presentation without first disclosing such purpose.


Any person committing any such unfair practice is guilty of a misdemeanor.


In addition to the penalty provided in subsection 2, the board of county commissioners or governing body of an incorporated city may, by ordinance, prohibit, and provide a penalty for, the commission of any unfair trade practice.

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