NRS 597.610
Report of defect in motor vehicle

  • duty of manufacturer.

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Las Vegas Defense Group, June 24, 2023

“If you bought a new car in Nevada that turns out to be a lemon, the vehicle manufacturer is legally obligated to replace it or refund you your money.”
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Constituent Services Unit FAQ

Nevada Legislature, July 12, 2019

“A ‘Lemon Law’ is a statute designed to assist buyers whose new motor vehicles have chronic defects.”
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If a new motor vehicle does not conform to all of the manufacturer’s applicable express warranties and the buyer reports the nonconformity in writing to the manufacturer:


Before the expiration of the manufacturer’s express warranties; or


No later than 1 year after the date the motor vehicle is delivered to the original buyer,
Ê whichever occurs earlier, the manufacturer, its agent or its authorized dealer shall make such repairs as are necessary to conform the vehicle to the express warranties without regard to whether the repairs will be made after the expiration of the express warranty or the time described in subsection 2.

Source: Section 597.610 — Report of defect in motor vehicle; duty of manufacturer., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-597.­html#NRS597Sec610.

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