Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices

Sec. § 597.266
Manufacturer to reimburse consumer for rental of assistive device in certain circumstances; action against dealer for failure to deliver assistive device for repair in timely manner.


If an assistive device covered by an express warranty of a manufacturer is made available for repair pursuant to NRS 597.2655 and:


The device is not repaired within 10 working days, including the day on which the assistive device is made available for repair; or


The defect or malfunction that is the cause of nonconformity is the same defect or malfunction for which the assistive device has been made available for repair two or more times,
Ê the manufacturer shall provide to the consumer, for the duration of the period of repair, a reimbursement of not more than $30 each day for the rental of an assistive device.


If a dealer does not deliver the assistive device to the manufacturer in a timely manner that allows the manufacturer to repair the device within 10 working days, the manufacturer may bring an action against the dealer for reimbursement of any money that the manufacturer is required to pay to a consumer pursuant to subsection 1.

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