Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices

Sec. § 597.115
Limitations on requirements imposed by supplier upon dealer; prohibition against certain changes to dealer agreement.

A supplier shall not:


Require a dealer to accept delivery of equipment, parts or accessories which the dealer has not ordered unless the equipment, parts or accessories are required by the supplier for the safe use of any inventory provided to the dealer by the supplier;


Condition the sale of any equipment to a dealer upon the purchase of additional goods or services, except that a supplier may require a dealer to purchase those parts which are necessary to maintain the equipment used in the area where the dealership is located;


Prohibit a dealer from purchasing equipment manufactured by another supplier; or


Terminate, fail to renew or substantially change the terms of a dealer agreement because of a natural disaster, including a drought in the market area of the dealership, a labor dispute or any other similar circumstances which are beyond the control of the dealer.

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