NRS 590.230
Contents and form of advertising medium

  • information concerning conditions of sale.


The advertising medium referred to in NRS 590.160 to 590.330, inclusive, must not contain any other advertising matter except words of description of the product sold or offered for sale, and method of sale, such as “self-serve,” “full serve” or words of similar meaning. If words of description or method of sale of the product offered or advertised by any such sign are used, the letters, figures or numerals which form any words must not be larger than the words, marks, letters, figures or numerals used in forming or designating the price per unit of measure.


If the price of a brand name or grade of motor vehicle fuel is advertised by means of a price sign and is sold at different prices from the dispensing devices on the premises, the sign or signs advertising the price must include notice of the conditions under which the brand name or grade is sold. If the sign advertises only the cash price, as a condition of sale for the motor vehicle fuel offered for sale on the premises, the sign must clearly state “cash” in letters a minimum of 6 inches in height or one-third the size of the numerals in announcing the price, whichever is larger. If terms stating the condition of sale, including “self-serve,” “full serve,” or words of similar meaning, appear on a price sign, there must be signs designating “self-serve” and “full serve” islands, pumps or dispensing devices in letters of 4 inches in height or more, conspicuously posted, showing the pumps or dispensing devices where the product is sold at each price.

Source: Section 590.230 — Contents and form of advertising medium; information concerning conditions of sale., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-590.­html#NRS590Sec230.

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