NRS 590.063
Pumps, dispensers and devices for blending gasoline.


The use of pumps, dispensers or other devices which are capable of withdrawing gasoline from each of two tanks containing different qualities of the same petroleum product or motor vehicle fuel and dispensing them as a single combined product must be authorized if the Division of Consumer Equitability of the State Department of Agriculture determines that all the following conditions exist:


The device mechanism accurately measures the quantities of the gasoline being simultaneously withdrawn from each of the two tanks and the quantity dispensed.


The device mechanism accurately and visibly records and displays the resulting combined quality, the total quantity, the price per gallon for the particular quality combination being dispensed and the total price of the quantity of gasoline dispensed at the particular sale.


The device has a locking selector mechanism which prevents the changing of the proportion of the two qualities being combined during the dispensing of the desired quantity.


The provisions of this section authorize the operation of a blending type of pump or dispenser connected to two tanks containing two different grades of the same product, which, if blended together in different proportions, will produce gasoline of different octane rating, each blend of which meets the specifications for gasoline as required by this chapter.

Source: Section 590.063 — Pumps, dispensers and devices for blending gasoline., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-590.­html#NRS590Sec063.

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