NRS 574.430

An operator shall ensure that:


Insects, ectoparasites and avian, mammalian and reptilian pests are kept under control.


Supplies of food and bedding material are stored in facilities that afford adequate protection from infestation or contamination by vermin.


For primary enclosures used to restrict the immediate movement of a dog or cat:


Excreta are removed at least once daily to prevent contamination and to reduce to a minimum odors and the risk of disease; and


Each such primary enclosure is disinfected at least once daily and before placing another dog or cat in the primary enclosure. If a hosing or flushing method of cleaning is used, all dogs and cats must be removed from the primary enclosure and adequate measures must be taken to protect the dogs and cats in other primary enclosures from being contaminated with water and other wastes.


Primary enclosures used to restrict the immediate movement of an animal other than a dog or cat are cleaned, washed and disinfected at least once every 2 weeks to prevent any accumulation of debris or excreta and to reduce to a practical minimum substances and organisms injurious to the health of animals or humans.


Pens or runs with hard surfaces, and cages and rooms, are sanitized at least once every 2 weeks by:


Washing them with water of a temperature not less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit and with soap or detergent;


Washing all soiled surfaces with a safe and effective disinfectant; or


Cleaning all soiled surfaces with live steam.


Pens or runs with gravel, sand or dirt surfaces are cleaned as often as necessary by removing and replacing the soiled gravel, sand or dirt.


Sewage, solid wastes, soiled bedding, dead animals and debris are removed from housing facilities regularly and disposed of properly.


Facilities for disposal are maintained in such a manner as to reduce to a minimum odors and the risk of disease or infestation by vermin.


Adequate facilities, such as washrooms, basins or sinks, are provided for the cleanliness of persons handling animals.

Source: Section 574.430 — Sanitization., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-574.­html#NRS574Sec430.

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