Nevada Animals

Sec. § 571.210
Bringing animals from another state: Compliance with regulations; notice; health certificate; prohibited importation of certain animals; violation of section.


Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person, or the person’s agent or employee may bring into this State any animal not under special quarantine by the State of Nevada, the Federal Government, or the state, territory or district of origin in compliance with regulations adopted by the State Quarantine Officer.


Notice that an animal is in transit is not required unless the animal remains in this State, or is to be unloaded in this State to feed and rest for longer than 48 hours.


A person, or the person’s agent or employee shall not bring any animal into this State unless he or she has obtained a health certificate showing that the animal is free from contagious, infectious or parasitic diseases or exposure thereto. This requirement does not apply to any animal whose accustomed range is on both sides of the Nevada state line and which is being moved from one portion to another of the accustomed range merely for pasturing and grazing thereon. The State Quarantine Officer shall adopt regulations concerning the form of the certificate.


A person, or the person’s agent or employee shall not:


Alter a health certificate; or


Divert any animal from the destination described on the health certificate without notifying the State Quarantine Officer within 72 hours after the diversion of the animal.


To protect this State from the effects of chronic wasting disease, a person, or the person’s agent or employee shall not knowingly bring into this State any live:


Elk (Cervus elaphus);


Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus);


White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus);


Moose (Alces alces);


Alternative livestock, unless in accordance with a permit obtained pursuant to NRS 576.129; or


Other animal that the State Quarantine Officer has, by regulation, declared to be susceptible to chronic wasting disease and prohibited from importation into this State.


Any animal knowingly brought into this State in violation of this section may be seized, destroyed or sent out of this State by the State Quarantine Officer within 48 hours. The expense of seizing, destroying or removing the animal must be paid by the owner or the owner’s agent in charge of the animal and the expense is a lien on the animal, unless it was destroyed, until paid.

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