NRS 555.209


The board of directors shall prepare regulations for the weed control district, which shall include but are not limited to:


The species of weeds to be controlled in the district.


The means of direct control by spray, cultivation or otherwise.


The means of indirect control, including the movement from, to and within the district of agricultural machinery, agricultural products, livestock and other vectors capable of spreading the weeds designated for control.


One copy of the proposed regulations must be delivered to the State Quarantine Officer, and at least two copies made available for public inspection in the office of the district secretary or the county clerk, as the board may by resolution prescribe.


The State Quarantine Officer shall then hold a public hearing in the county in which is located the larger or largest proportion of the area of the district, to consider the proposed regulations, of which the State Quarantine Officer shall give notice by publication, in a newspaper of general circulation in each county having lands situated in the district, of at least one notice published not less than 10 days before the hearing. At this hearing, the State Quarantine Officer shall entertain written suggestions for the modification of the regulations.


After the hearing, and any additional time which the State Quarantine Officer may allow for the submission of additional facts or proposals, the State Quarantine Officer shall approve, modify or disapprove the proposed regulations. If the board of directors of the district does not concur in the action of the State Quarantine Officer, the State Board of Agriculture shall establish the regulations.

Source: Section 555.209 — Regulations., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-555.­html#NRS555Sec209.

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