NRS 543.685

In a county whose population is less than 700,000 the boundaries of a district may be enlarged by the inclusion of additional real property in the following manner:


The owner in fee of any real property capable of being served by the facilities of the district may file with the board a petition praying that the property be included in the district.


The petition must:


Set forth an accurate legal description of the property.


State that assent to the inclusion of the property in the district is given by all the owners in fee of the property.


Be acknowledged in the same manner required for a conveyance of land.


There may be no withdrawal from a petition after consideration by the board nor may further objections be filed except in case of fraud or misrepresentation.


The board shall hear the petition at an open meeting after publishing the notice of the filing of the petition, and of the place, time and date of the meeting, and the names and addresses of the petitioners. The board shall grant or deny the petition and the action of the board is final and conclusive. If the petition is granted as to all or any of the real property described, the board shall make an order to that effect, and file it for record in the manner provided in NRS 543.300.


After the date of its inclusion in the district, the property is subject to all of the taxes imposed by the district, and is liable for its proportionate share of the existing general obligation bonded indebtedness of the district. It is not liable for any taxes levied or assessed before its inclusion in the district.
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