NRS 543.060
Reimbursements in proportion to benefit received

  • time of payments
  • budgets.


The Director shall determine which counties, cities and public districts benefit by the project, and whether the State is benefited by the project, and to what extent there is benefit to the subdivisions, and reimbursement to the Flood Control Account must be made in proportion to the benefit received.


If any portion of the Flood Control Account is used for maintenance of any of those flood control projects, the Flood Control Account must be fully reimbursed for cost of the maintenance by the State, counties, cities and public districts benefited by the project.


The Director shall determine the period for repayment of the initial nonfederal charges as provided for under subsection 1, which period may not be more than 5 years after completion of the project for which money has been authorized.


The Director, after having determined the benefits as set forth in subsection 1, shall, between the first Monday of October and the first Monday of December of each year, prepare a budget showing the amount of money estimated to be necessary to repay the initial capital outlay, which initial capital outlay is to be assessed in equal annual installments, and any estimated maintenance cost for the then current year, and submit the budget to the board of county commissioners. When the flood control project lies in more than one county, separate budgets must be prepared for each county.

Source: Section 543.060 — Reimbursements in proportion to benefit received; time of payments; budgets., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-543.­html#NRS543Sec060.

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Feb. 5, 2021

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