NRS 540.051

The Section shall:


Include in its planning:


Recognition and protection of existing water rights consistent with chapters 533 and 534 of NRS; and


Consideration of the factors relating to the quality of water in this State and the importance of considering the issues of quantity and quality simultaneously, but the State Environmental Commission and Division of Environmental Protection of the Department retain full responsibility for the management of water quality.


Suggest to the Legislature changes in water policy which may be necessary to meet new requirements of law or of the people of the State.


Assist the State Engineer in dealings with the Federal Government and other states, but the State Engineer is solely responsible for the allocation of water resources and litigation.


Review local and federal documents regarding water planning that are relevant to the use of water in Nevada, including, without limitation, local water and resource plans. Reviews conducted pursuant to this subsection must consider, without limitation:


The accuracy of information relating to water use and water planning;


Compliance with the water law of this State; and


General advice relating to water planning.


Compile and update summarized data relating to hydrographic basins to support decisions that the State Engineer makes regarding such basins, and provide summarized information regarding such basins to the public. The Section shall cause to be generated and updated a summary for each hydrographic basin to show critical information regarding that basin, including, without limitation:


Whether the basin is designated;


All appurtenant or associated studies related to the availability of water;


Rulings and orders affecting new appropriations of water;


The availability of crop and pumpage inventories;


The availability of data regarding water levels; and


Current commitments of water from the basin that are attributable to existing water rights.
Ê The information described in this subsection must, insofar as practicable, be provided in an electronic format and made available on the website of the State Engineer on the Internet or its successor.


Upon request, provide technical assistance to the Board for Financing Water Projects created by NRS 349.957, including, without limitation, the review of letters of intent and applications for grants.


Promote water conservation by:


Consulting with suppliers of water concerning:


Community water conservation plans; and


The content and scope of water plans; and


Reviewing plans for compliance with the applicable provisions of NRS 540.121 to 540.151, inclusive.


Assist federal, state and local governments and the general public in obtaining information regarding water planning, the availability of water and issues relating to water rights.


Support activities in response to drought as provided for under the drought plan established for the State.


Administer the statewide program established for the management of floodplains.


Upon request, provide updates to local governments on water issues relevant to this State, changes in policy and the availability of new information concerning water resources.
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Feb. 5, 2021

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