NRS 539.736
Exclusion of land: Grounds

  • limitations.

The board of directors of any district now or hereafter formed under the provisions of this chapter, either upon its own initiative or upon the application in writing of any holder of title or of evidence of title to land in the district, may, by a majority vote, exclude from the district any land or lands theretofore included in the district, and change the boundary lines of the district so as to exclude or leave out certain tracts or portions of tracts when the proposed system or systems of irrigation cannot practically include such land or lands, or when such land or lands would not be benefited by remaining in the district or by any future improvement it might make, or when the land sought to be excluded has been, or is about to be, incorporated into or made a part of any city or town, or when the land sought is adjacent and contiguous to any city or town and it is proposed to develop such land as building sites and areas; but if improvements have been commenced, or made, or authorized, or if there are bonds or other contracts or certificates of indebtedness outstanding, no land shall be excluded and no established liens shall be released unless all of the holders of bonds or contracts or certificates of indebtedness constituting liens against the land sought to be excluded, and the owner of such land if the owner has not petitioned for exclusion thereof, shall consent in writing to the exclusion and unless all bonded indebtedness of the district chargeable to the land sought to be excluded is paid, or except as provided in NRS 539.738 to 539.748, inclusive.

Source: Section 539.736 — Exclusion of land: Grounds; limitations., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-539.­html#NRS539Sec736.

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