NRS 539.560
Determination of benefits: Apportionment

  • procedure.


Whenever the electors shall have authorized an issue of bonds, the board of directors shall examine the land in the district, and shall determine the benefits which will accrue to each tract or subdivision from the construction or purchase of the works proposed for the district; and the costs of such work shall be apportioned or distributed over such tracts or subdivisions of land in proportion to such benefits.


The board shall make, or cause to be made, a list of such apportionment or distribution, which list shall contain a complete description of each subdivision or tract of land of such district with the amount and rate per acre of such apportionment or distribution, and the name of the owner thereof, or it may prepare a map on a convenient scale showing each of the subdivisions or tracts with the rate per acre of such apportionment entered thereon.


Where all or any portion of the lands are apportioned a benefit by the board at the same rate, a general statement to that effect shall be sufficient.


Whenever thereafter an assessment is made, either in lieu of bonds, or an annual assessment for raising the interest on bonds, or any portion of the principal, or the expenses of maintaining the property of the district, or any special assessment voted by the electors, it shall be spread upon the lands in the same proportion as the assessments of benefits, and the whole amount of the assessments of benefits shall equal the amount of bonds or other obligations authorized at the election.


The benefits arising from the undertakings for which special assessments are made may be distributed equally over the lands, or especially apportioned, and assessments or tolls and charges may be made or imposed, when coming within the designation of operation and maintenance charges, by way of a minimum stated charge per acre whether water is used or not, and a charge for water used in excess of the amount delivered for the minimum charge, or such other reasonable method of fixing or collecting the operation and maintenance charge as the board of directors may adopt.


Where drainage works are to be constructed, benefits may be apportioned to higher lands which are or may be irrigated from a common source or combined sources and by the same system or combined systems of works not then actually requiring drainage by reason of the fact that their irrigation contributes, or will, if irrigated, contribute water which must be carried off or away from the lower lands.

Source: Section 539.560 — Determination of benefits: Apportionment; procedure., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-539.­html#NRS539Sec560.

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