NRS 539.017


Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as repealing or in any wise modifying the provisions of any other law relating to the subject of irrigation or drainage except such as may be contained in chapter 134, Statutes of Nevada 1911, and subsequent acts supplementary thereto or amendatory thereof, all of which acts, so far as they may be inconsistent with this chapter, are repealed.


Nothing in this chapter shall be so construed as to:


Affect the validity of any district organized under the laws of this state prior to July 1, 1919, or its right in or to property, or any of its rights or privileges of whatsoever kind or nature; but such districts are hereby made subject to the provisions of this chapter as far as applicable.


Affect, impair or discharge any contract, obligation, lien or charge for or upon which any district was or might become liable or chargeable had this chapter not been passed.


Affect the validity of any bonds which have been issued but not sold.


Affect any action pending on July 1, 1919.


In such districts as have been organized prior to July 1, 1919, and in which directors of the various divisions thereof have been elected by the votes of the electors of the district at large, such elections are hereby confirmed.


In the cases of any district or districts any portion of the proceedings for the organization of which were instituted under prior existing laws and completed under the provisions of this chapter, such district or districts shall be deemed to have been duly organized under this chapter, and the organization thereof is hereby confirmed.


Any district organized under prior laws of this state may adopt and subject itself to all the provisions of this chapter by a unanimous resolution of its board of directors, and the organization of such district is hereby confirmed.


The directors of any district organized prior to July 1, 1919, and not divided into divisions may request the board of county commissioners to define and establish such divisions, and the board of county commissioners shall forthwith define and establish divisions in such district as nearly equal in size as practicable and in number equal to the directors in the district.

Source: Section 539.017 — Construction., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-539.­html#NRS539Sec017.

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