NRS 535.060
Obstruction of water by beaver’s dam: Procedure for removal of beaver and dams.


On any stream system and its tributaries in this state the distribution of the waters of which are vested in the State Engineer by law or the final decree of court, where beaver, by the construction of dams or otherwise, are found to be interfering with the lawful and necessary distribution of water to the proper users thereof, the State Engineer, upon complaint of any interested water user, shall investigate or cause the investigation of the matter.


The State Engineer and his or her assistants and water commissioners and the Department of Wildlife and its agents may enter upon privately owned lands for the purposes of investigating the conditions complained of and the removal and trapping of beaver.


If satisfied that such beaver are interfering with the flow of water to the detriment of water users, the State Engineer shall serve a written notice on the owner of the land, if it is privately owned, stating:


That the beaver thereon are interfering with or stopping the flow of water necessary for the proper serving of water rights; and


That unless, within 10 days from receipt of the notice, written objection to the removal of such beaver is filed with the State Engineer by the landowner, the Department of Wildlife will remove such beaver or as many thereof as will rectify the existing conditions.


Failure of the landowner to file such written objections shall be deemed a waiver thereof. Upon receipt of written objections, the State Engineer may make further investigation and may sustain or overrule the objections as the facts warrant. Upon the overruling of the objections, the landowner may have them reviewed by the district court having jurisdiction of the land by filing therein a petition for review within 10 days from the receipt of the order of the State Engineer overruling the objections. The proceedings on the petition must be informal and heard by the court at the earliest possible moment.


Upon the landowner’s waiver of objections to the removal of beaver from his or her land, or upon final determination by the court that the beaver should be removed, the State Engineer shall immediately notify the Department of Wildlife of the waiver or determination and the Department or its agents shall enter upon the land from which the beaver are to be removed and remove them or as many as may be necessary to prevent the improper flow of water as directed by the State Engineer.


The State Engineer may remove or cause the removal of any beaver dam found to be obstructing the proper and necessary flow of water to the detriment of water users.

Source: Section 535.060 — Obstruction of water by beaver’s dam: Procedure for removal of beaver and dams., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-535.­html#NRS535Sec060.

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