NRS 533.440
Permits: Primary and secondary

  • application
  • issuance of certificates.


All applications for reservoir permits shall be subject to the provisions of NRS 533.324 to 533.435, inclusive, except those sections wherein proof of beneficial use is required to be filed. The person or persons proposing to apply to a beneficial use the water stored in any such reservoir shall file an application for a permit, to be known herein as the secondary permit, in compliance with the provisions of NRS 533.324 to 533.435, inclusive, except that no notice of such application shall be published.


The application shall refer to the reservoir for a supply of water and shall show by documentary evidence that an agreement has been entered into with the owner of the reservoir for a permanent and sufficient interest in such reservoir to impound enough water for the purpose set forth in the application.


Effluent discharged from the point of the final treatment from within a sewage collection and treatment system shall be considered water as referred to in this chapter, and shall be subject to appropriation for beneficial use under the reservoir-secondary permit procedure described in this section. Nothing in this section shall preclude appropriation in accordance with and subject to the provisions of NRS 533.324 to 533.435, inclusive.


When beneficial use has been completed and perfected under the secondary permit, and after the holder thereof shall have made proofs of the commencement and completion of his or her work, and of the application of water to beneficial use, as in the case of other permits, as provided in this chapter, a final certificate of appropriation shall issue as other certificates are issued, except that the certificate shall refer to both the works described in the secondary permit and the reservoir described in the primary permit.

Source: Section 533.440 — Permits: Primary and secondary; application; issuance of certificates., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-533.­html#NRS533Sec440.

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