Nevada Witnesses and Evidence

Sec. § 52.400
Marijuana: Procedure for destruction of unnecessary quantity seized as evidence.

Except as otherwise provided in NRS 453A.400:


At any time after a substance which is alleged to be marijuana is seized from a defendant by a peace officer, the law enforcement agency of which the officer is a member may, without the prior approval of the district court in the county in which the defendant is charged, destroy any amount of the substance that exceeds 10 pounds.


The law enforcement agency must, before destroying the substance pursuant to this section:


Accurately weigh and record the weight of the substance.


Take and retain, for evidentiary purposes, at least five random and representative samples of the substance in addition to the amount which is not authorized to be destroyed pursuant to subsection 1. If the substance is alleged to consist of growing or harvested marijuana plants, the 10 pounds retained pursuant to subsection 1 may include stalks, branches, leaves and buds, but the five representative samples must consist of only leaves or buds.


Take photographs that reasonably demonstrate the total amount of the substance. A sign which clearly and conspicuously shows the title or the case number of the matter, proceeding or action to which the substance relates must appear next to the substance in any photograph taken.


A law enforcement agency that destroys a substance pursuant to this section shall, not later than 30 days after the destruction of the substance, file an affidavit in the court which has jurisdiction over the pending criminal proceedings, if any, pertaining to that substance. The affidavit must establish that the law enforcement agency has complied with the requirements of subsection 2, specify the date and time of the destruction of the substance and provide the publicly known address of the agency. If there are no criminal proceedings pending which pertain to the substance, the affidavit may be filed in any court within the county which would have jurisdiction over a person against whom such criminal charges might be filed.


If the substance is finally determined not to be marijuana, the owner may file a claim against the county to recover the reasonable value of the property destroyed pursuant to this section.


The law enforcement agency’s finding as to the weight of any substance alleged to be marijuana and destroyed pursuant to this section is admissible in any subsequent proceeding arising out of the same transaction.

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