NRS 517.100
Map: Specifications

  • filing
  • use of filing fee.

Within 90 days after posting the notice of location of a placer claim, the locator shall:


Prepare two copies of a map of the claim which must be of a scale of not less than 500 feet to the inch. If the United States survey has been extended over the land embraced in the location, the claim may be taken and described on the map by legal subdivisions as provided in NRS 517.090. If the land has not been surveyed by the United States or if official corners cannot be found through the exercise of due diligence, the map must set forth the position of the monuments in relation to each other and establish numbers of monuments, and the descriptions must be tied to a natural landmark or a readily identifiable artificial landmark as provided in NRS 517.040.


File the maps with the county recorder in the county in which the claim is located together with a filing fee of $1 per acre. One-half of the filing fee must be used by the county to establish and maintain, in accordance with the regulations of the Division, a map of the mining claims in the county that must accurately record the location of all mining claims filed after July 1, 1971, which is a public record. The remaining part of the fee may be used for the same purposes as any other general revenue of the county.

Source: Section 517.100 — Map: Specifications; filing; use of filing fee., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-517.­html#NRS517Sec100.

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