Nevada Wildlife
Sec. § 503.420
Fish screens: Installation and maintenance; unlawful acts.


Any person, firm or corporation owning in whole or in part any canal, ditch or any artificial watercourse, taking or receiving its waters from any river, creek or lake in which fish have been placed or may exist, shall place or cause to be placed, and such persons shall maintain at the intake or inlet of such canal, ditch or watercourse, a grating, screen or other device, either stationary or operated mechanically, of such construction, fineness, strength and quality as may be designated by the Department, to prevent any fish from entering such canal, ditch or watercourse.


If such person, firm or corporation, after due notice from the Department, fails to install or maintain such grating, screen or device, the Commission is authorized to enter upon lands adjacent to the inlet of such canal, ditch or watercourse, and may install therein, and thereafter maintain, such grating, screen or device as in the discretion of the Department is proper.


It is unlawful for any person or persons, except a game warden, to remove, tamper with, destroy or in any way molest such screens when the same have been installed.
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