NRS 501.320


Annually, not later than May 1, each board shall prepare a budget for the period ending June 30 of the following year, setting forth in detail its proposed expenditures for carrying out its duties as specified in this title within its county, and submit the budget to the Commission accompanied by a statement of the previous year’s expenditures, certified by the county auditor.


The Commission shall examine the budget in conjunction with the Director or a person designated by the Director, and may increase, decrease, alter or amend the budget.


Upon approval of the budget, the Department shall transmit a copy of the approved budget to the board, and at the same time withdraw from the Wildlife Account within the State General Fund and transmit to the board the money required under the approved budget for disposition by the board in accordance with the approved budget. All money so received must be placed in the fund for the advisory board.
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Jun. 24, 2021

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