NRS 495.040
Lease authorized

  • purposes
  • notice and hearing.


The boards of county commissioners of the respective counties of this State may lease real and personal property of their county for use and occupancy as airports, airport facilities or airport service, to whom and upon such conditions and terms as they deem proper, for a term or terms not exceeding 99 years.


Before entering into any agreement for the lease of property as set forth in subsection 1, the board of county commissioners shall publish notice of its intention in a newspaper of general circulation published within the county at least once a week for 21 days or three times during a period of 10 days. If there is not a newspaper of general circulation within the county, the board shall post a notice of its intention in a public place at least once a week for 30 days. The notice must specify that a regular meeting is to be held, at which meeting any interested person may appear. No such lease or agreement may be entered into by the board until after the notice has been given and a meeting held as provided in this subsection.


The provisions of NRS 244.281 and 496.080 do not apply to any lease entered into pursuant to this section by a board of county commissioners in a county whose population is less than 55,000.

Source: Section 495.040 — Lease authorized; purposes; notice and hearing., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-495.­html#NRS495Sec040.

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