NRS 495.035
Establishment and maintenance by county.


The several counties of the State of Nevada are authorized:


To designate, establish and maintain emergency landing fields for flying, takeoff and landing of aircraft together with necessary conveniences, appliances, works, structures, now known or hereafter invented, of such number and character and in such places as may be necessary or convenient, in the interest of promoting the public safety. Such designation shall be made by resolution spread upon the records of the proceedings of the board of county commissioners.


To pay for such establishment and maintenance out of any appropriations or other moneys made available for such purposes whether by allocations from the State Airport Fund or by gift or devise.


The board of county commissioners of any county may authorize the use of county equipment for the purposes authorized in this section.


The establishment and maintenance of emergency landing fields are hereby declared to be county functions and purposes, as well as public and governmental, and are matters of public necessity.

Source: Section 495.035 — Establishment and maintenance by county., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-495.­html#NRS495Sec035.

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