NRS 490.350
Established place of business required

  • notification of Department of branches by short-term lessors.


Except as otherwise provided in subsections 2 and 3, every off-highway vehicle dealer, long-term or short-term lessor and manufacturer who is licensed by the Department to do business in this State shall maintain an established place of business in this State which:


Includes a permanent enclosed building, owned in fee or leased, with sufficient space to display one or more off-highway vehicles which the off-highway vehicle dealer, lessor or manufacturer is licensed to sell, lease or manufacture; and


Is principally used by the licensee to conduct his or her business.


Every new and used off-highway vehicle dealer, long-term or short-term lessor or manufacturer shall maintain an established place of business in this State which has:


In addition to sufficient customer and employee parking, adequate usable space to display one or more off-highway vehicles offered for sale or lease from the established place of business;


Except for businesses licensed pursuant to this chapter or chapter 482 of NRS and owned by a single principal or group of principals, physical boundaries which are clearly marked that physically separate the licensee’s established place of business from any other adjacent place of business; and


A permanent enclosed building large enough to accommodate an office but not less than 100 square feet of usable floor space to accommodate his or her business office and provide a safe place to keep and store the books and other records of the business.


A short-term lessor shall:


Designate his or her principal place of business as his or her established place of business and each other location where the lessor conducts business as a branch that is operated pursuant to the license for the principal place of business.


Notify the Department of each branch at which the lessor conducts business by filing, on forms provided by the Department, such information pertaining to each branch as required by the Department.

Source: Section 490.350 — Established place of business required; notification of Department of branches by short-term lessors., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-490.­html#NRS490Sec350.

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