Nevada Witnesses and Evidence

Sec. § 49.293
Law enforcement or public safety personnel and counselor.


Any law enforcement or public safety personnel who participate in a peer support counseling session and any counselor providing such counseling have a privilege to refuse to disclose, and to prevent any other person from disclosing, any confidential communications set forth in NRS 281.805 unless:


The communication is any of the following:


Any explicit threat of suicide;


Any explicit threat of imminent and serious physical harm or death to a clearly identified or identifiable person;


Any information relating to the abuse or neglect of a child, older person or vulnerable person, or any information that is required by law to be reported; or


Any admission of criminal conduct; or


The law enforcement or public safety personnel who were a party to the communication waive the confidentiality of the communication.


As used in this section, “counselor,” “law enforcement or public safety personnel” and “peer support counseling session” have the meanings ascribed to them in NRS 281.805.

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