NRS 488.175
Exemption from requirements for numbering and titling

  • exception for certain residents of other states
  • issuance of exempt numbers.


Except as otherwise provided in this section, a motorboat need not be numbered pursuant to the provisions of this chapter if it is:


Already covered by a number in effect which has been awarded or issued to it pursuant to a federally approved numbering system of another state.


A motorboat from a country other than the United States temporarily using the waters of this State.


A public vessel of the United States, a state or a political subdivision of a state.


A ship’s lifeboat.


A motorboat belonging to a class of boats which has been exempted from numbering by the Department after the Department has found:


That the numbering of motorboats of that class will not materially aid in their identification; and


If an agency of the Federal Government has a numbering system applicable to the class of motorboats to which the motorboat in question belongs, that the motorboat would also be exempt from numbering if it were subject to the federal law.


If the owner or operator of a motorboat which is not numbered in this State is a resident of another state, and if this State is or will be the state of principal operation of the motorboat during a calendar year, the motorboat must be numbered and a certificate of number issued for the motorboat pursuant to this chapter. As used in this subsection, “state of principal operation” means a state in whose waters a motorboat is primarily operated during a calendar year.


The Department may, by regulation, provide for the issuance of exempt numbers for motorboats not required to be registered under the provisions of this chapter.


A motorboat need not be titled pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, if it is:


Covered by a certificate of ownership which has been awarded or issued to it pursuant to the title system of another state; or


Documented pursuant to 46 U.S.C. §§ 12101 et seq.

Source: Section 488.175 — Exemption from requirements for numbering and titling; exception for certain residents of other states; issuance of exempt numbers., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-488.­html#NRS488Sec175.

Operation of unnumbered or uncertified motorboat prohibited.
Number, certificate of number and certificate of ownership: Application
Department to submit certain information to Division of Welfare and Supportive Services.
Recordation in this State of number previously awarded pursuant to federally approved numbering system of another state.
Conformity of state numbering system with federal system.
Awarding of certificates of number
Certificates of number effective for 1 year
Department to fix date on which certificates of number expire.
Destruction or abandonment of motorboat: Owner to furnish notice to Department
Change of address of holder of certificate of number or ownership: Holder to notify Department and furnish new address
Display of unauthorized number or decal prohibited.
Hull numbers: Process for issuance and verification must comply with United States Coast Guard requirements
Hull numbers: Prohibited acts
Exemption from requirements for numbering and titling
Endorsement of certificate on transfer by registered owner.
Transfer of ownership not required on pledge of security interest.
Requirements for transfer of ownership or interest in certain motorboats
Certificate of ownership in beneficiary form: Application
Transferee to file certificates, pay fee and apply for new certificates.
Requirements for issuance of certificate of ownership.
Owner of motorboat to notify Department of sale or transfer of title or interest
Dealer’s report of sale, lease or other transfer
Interest of registered owner not affected by assignment by legal owner.
Endorsement of certificate upon transfer of title or interest of legal owner
Issuance of duplicate certificate on loss, destruction or mutilation of original.
Failure to endorse or deliver certificate to transferee unlawful.
New certificate not required on substitution of security interest between same parties
Procedure for perfection of security interest.
Method prescribed for perfecting security interest is exclusive.
Suspension of certificate of number or validation decal for failure to pay child support or comply with certain subpoenas or warrants
Suspension or revocation of certificate or number if fraudulently obtained or fee was unpaid.
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