NRS 487.652
Class A certification: Eligibility.

To be eligible for Class A certification, a licensed body shop must:


Comply with local zoning laws and possess all required local, state and federal licenses, registrations and permits.


Possess garagekeepers’ and workers’ compensation insurance.


Provide employees with continuing education and training in subjects and for periods of time as prescribed by regulation.


Have the ability to:


Obtain proper specifications for each vehicle being repaired;


Make three-dimensional measurements that are verified by a computer of each vehicle being repaired; and


Hoist a vehicle for inspection.


Perform a wide range of services for vehicles being repaired, including, without limitation:


Alignment of the wheels of a vehicle that is verified by a computer;


Stabilization of a vehicle through the use of a four-point anchoring system;


Simultaneous adjustment of the exterior and undercarriage of a vehicle;


Removal and reinstallation of a frame, suspension, engine or drivetrain component;


Painting the exterior of a vehicle with a system for applying paint that provides a finish similar to the finish applied by the manufacturer;


Inspection of airbags and other occupant restraint devices to the specifications of the manufacturer; and


Welding, by a certified technician, with a gas metal arc welder or an inverter welder, as appropriate.


Adhere to current federal, state and local safety requirements by:


Performing repairs on an air-conditioning system using equipment approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency;


Performing repairs with emission-reducing equipment, as prescribed by regulation;


Performing repairs with equipment that meets all safety requirements as prescribed by regulation; and


Disposing of hazardous waste as prescribed by regulation.


Ensure customer satisfaction by providing to each customer:


A computer-generated estimate of repairs; and


A written, limited lifetime warranty that is valid against workmanship defects.


Have a system for documenting and maintaining customer complaints and responses to service.

Source: Section 487.652 — Class A certification: Eligibility., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-487.­html#NRS487Sec652.

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