Nevada Public Safety; Vehicles; Watercraft

Sec. § 485.313
Department to create system for verifying that owners of motor vehicles maintain insurance; regulations.


The Department:


Shall, in cooperation with insurers, create a system for verifying through the secure transmission and receipt of information that the owners of motor vehicles maintain the insurance required by NRS 485.185; and


May enter into a contract with any person to provide services relating to the system.


The Director shall adopt regulations to carry out the provisions of this section.


For vehicles which are part of a fleet of more than one vehicle, all of which are covered by a commercial liability policy, the maintenance of the insurance required by NRS 485.185 shall be deemed to have been satisfied by the submission by the insurer to the Department of the policy number and the name of the registered owner of the vehicles.


As used in this section, “motor vehicle”:


Does not include:


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 1 of NRS 482.398, a golf cart as that term is defined in NRS 482.044.


A vehicle that is registered as part of a fleet of vehicles pursuant to subsection 5 of NRS 482.215.


Includes, without limitation, a motortruck, truck-tractor, bus or other vehicle that is registered pursuant to paragraph (c) of subsection 1 of NRS 482.482 or NRS 706.801 to 706.861, inclusive.

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