Nevada Public Safety; Vehicles; Watercraft

Sec. § 484A.810
Department required to compile list of new and amended traffic laws and related provisions after each legislative session; posting and dissemination of information for public.


The Department of Motor Vehicles, after each regular session of the Nevada Legislature, shall:


Compile a list of new traffic laws, changes to existing traffic laws and other new or amended provisions of this title relevant to the operation of a motor vehicle upon the highways of this State made during the immediately preceding legislative session;


Post information on the Internet website of the Department in a manner designed to inform and educate the public about the new and changed traffic laws and other provisions on the list compiled pursuant to paragraph (a); and


Disseminate such information in any other manner deemed appropriate by the Department, including without limitation, by including such information in any:


Information provided to a person applying for the initial issuance of a driver’s license or instruction permit, including any information provided for the purposes of preparing for an examination required pursuant to NRS 483.330; and


Notices of renewal or other similar information mailed or sent via electronic communication to drivers licensed in this State or to owners of motor vehicles registered in this State.


The Department may consult with the Office of Traffic Safety of the Department of Public Safety in carrying out the requirements of this section.

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