NRS 480.932
Office to prepare and submit quarterly and annual reports.


The Office shall quarterly prepare and submit to the Governor a report assessing the preparedness of the State, as of the date of the report, to counteract, prevent and respond to potential cybersecurity threats. The report must be based on information and documents readily available to the Office.


The Office shall annually prepare a report that includes, without limitation:


A summary of the progress made by the Office during the previous year in executing, administering and enforcing the provisions of NRS 480.900 to 480.950, inclusive, and performing such duties and exercising such powers as are conferred upon it pursuant to NRS 480.900 to 480.950, inclusive, and any other specific statute;


A general description of any threat during the previous year to the security of an information system that prompted the Administrator to convene a cybersecurity incident response team pursuant to NRS 480.928, and a summary of the response to the threat;


A summary of the goals and objectives of the Office for the upcoming year;


A summary of any issues presenting challenges to the Office; and


Any other information that the Administrator determines is appropriate to include in the report.


The report required pursuant to subsection 2 must be submitted not later than July 1 of each year to the Governor and to the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security created by NRS 239C.120.

Source: Section 480.932 — Office to prepare and submit quarterly and annual reports., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-480.­html#NRS480Sec932.

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