Nevada Protection from Fire; Explosives

Sec. § 477.198
Marking packages of certified cigarettes; inspection of marked packages.


Packages that contain cigarettes which have been certified by a manufacturer in accordance with NRS 477.194 must be marked to indicate compliance with NRS 477.192. The marking must be set forth in not less than 8-point type and consist of the letters “FSC,” signifying “Fire Standard Compliant,” and be permanently printed, stamped, engraved or embossed on the package at or near the UPC label.


A manufacturer shall use only one marking and shall apply the marking uniformly for all packages, including, without limitation, packs, cartons, cases and brands marketed by that manufacturer.


A manufacturer that certifies a cigarette in accordance with NRS 477.194 shall provide a copy of the certification to each wholesale dealer and agent to whom the manufacturer sells cigarettes. A wholesale dealer, retail dealer or agent shall allow the State Fire Marshal, the Executive Director of the Department of Taxation and the Attorney General, and their respective employees, to inspect the markings of cigarette packaging marked in accordance with this section.

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