Nevada Protection from Fire; Explosives

Sec. § 477.080

The Board shall:


Encourage the training and education of fire service personnel to improve the system of public safety in the State.


Adopt regulations establishing minimum standards for the approval of training and certification programs submitted by a fire department, fire district or any political subdivision or agency of the State or Federal Government pursuant to NRS 477.090. The regulations must provide minimum standards for the training and certification, including the renewal and revocation of certification, of emergency response personnel who serve in positions for which the Board determines minimum standards of training and certification are necessary.


Provide information and make recommendations to the State Fire Marshal concerning the training of fire service personnel.


Make recommendations to the State Fire Marshal and to the Legislature concerning necessary legislation in the fields of fire fighting and fire protection.


When requested to do so by the Director of the Department of Public Safety, recommend to the Director not fewer than three persons for appointment as State Fire Marshal.


Hear appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to his or her statutory authority.

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