Nevada Protection from Fire; Explosives

Sec. § 477.039
Training programs.


The State Fire Marshal shall:


Furnish and administer programs for the training of firefighters;


Describe the programs that are available for training of firefighters and notify fire departments of the availability of these programs;


Administer a program to certify firefighters, whenever requested to do so, for successful completion of a training program;


Develop a program to train instructors;


Assist other agencies and organizations to prepare and administer training programs;


Carry out the provisions of paragraphs (a) to (e), inclusive, in accordance with recommendations submitted to the State Board of Fire Services and the regulations adopted by the Board; and


Establish a regional hazardous materials training facility and furnish training programs concerning hazardous materials for emergency personnel, agencies and other persons.


The State Fire Marshal may enter into agreements for the procurement of necessary services or property, may accept gifts, grants, services or property for the training programs and may charge fees for training programs, materials or services provided.

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