NRS 476.060
Procedure for prohibition of storage of explosive or combustible materials in city or town: Petition

  • order
  • publication
  • penalties.


Whenever there is filed with the board of county commissioners of any county a petition signed by 10 percent of the residents of any town or incorporated city within the county, the 10 percent to be computed from the number of persons paying taxes in the town or incorporated city according to the last preceding assessment roll, praying that the storage of gunpowder, explosive or combustible materials be prohibited within the limits of such town or city, the board shall, at the meeting of such board when the petition is filed, make and enter on the minutes of its proceedings an order prohibiting the storage of explosives or combustible materials within such distance of the town or city as the board may deem safe and proper, but the distance named in the order for such storage shall not be less than one-fourth of a mile from the limits of the town or city.


The order mentioned in subsection 1 to be made by the board may be published by the clerk of the board of county commissioners for 2 weeks successively in some newspaper published and printed in the town or city to which the order applies, or a copy of the order shall be posted conspicuously in three public places in the town or city. The publication or posting shall constitute due notice to all concerned.


This section does not prohibit or prevent:


The storage by any person, firm or corporation within the limit prescribed by the order of any board, of not more than 100 pounds of black and smokeless gunpowder or rifle powder, and not more than 500 gallons of kerosene oil.


The keeping within such limit of shotgun or rifle shells and cartridges and cartridge percussion caps by any business firm or individual.


The storing of powder underground in mines.


Any board of county commissioners, or any member thereof, failing, neglecting or refusing to comply with all of the provisions of subsection 1 is guilty of a misdemeanor, and proceedings shall at once be instituted by the district attorney, or may be instituted by any citizen of the county against such board, or against any member thereof. Such conviction shall ipso facto remove such board, or any member thereof so convicted, from office. Notice of the vacancy thereby created shall be certified by the district attorney to the Governor. Within 20 days from the receipt of such notice, the Governor shall make appointments to fill such vacancy as may be created.


Any person, firm, company or corporation continuing to store any explosive or combustible materials within the limit prescribed by such order and notice, after 2 weeks subsequent to the giving of notice, or after 3 weeks subsequent to the making of such order, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Source: Section 476.060 — Procedure for prohibition of storage of explosive or combustible materials in city or town: Petition; order; publication; penalties., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-476.­html#NRS476Sec060.

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