NRS 474.470
Duties of board of fire commissioners.

The board of fire commissioners shall:


Manage and conduct the business and affairs of districts organized pursuant to the provisions of NRS 474.460 or 474.533.


Adopt and enforce all rules and regulations necessary for the administration and government of the districts and for the furnishing of fire protection thereto, which may include regulations relating to emergency medical services and fire prevention. The regulations may include provisions that are designed to protect life and property from:


The hazards of fire and explosion resulting from the storage, handling and use of hazardous substances, materials and devices; and


Hazardous conditions relating to the use or occupancy of any premises.
Ê Any regulation concerning hazardous substances, materials or devices adopted pursuant to this section must be consistent with any plan or ordinance concerning those substances, materials or devices that is required by the Federal Government and has been adopted by the board of county commissioners.


Organize, regulate, establish and disband fire companies, departments or volunteer fire departments for the districts.


Provide for the payment of salaries to the personnel of those fire companies or fire departments.


Provide for payment from the proper fund of all the debts and just claims against the districts.


Employ agents and employees for the districts sufficient to maintain and operate the property acquired for the purposes of the districts.


Acquire real or personal property necessary for the purposes of the districts and dispose of the property if no longer needed.


Construct any necessary structures.


Acquire, hold and possess, by donation or purchase, any land or other property necessary for the purpose of the districts.


Eliminate and remove fire hazards from the districts if practicable and possible, whether on private or public premises, and to that end the board of fire commissioners may clear the public highways and private lands of dry grass, stubble, brush, rubbish or other inflammable material in its judgment constituting a fire hazard.


Perform all other acts necessary, proper and convenient to accomplish the purposes of NRS 474.460 to 474.540, inclusive.

Source: Section 474.470 — Duties of board of fire commissioners., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-474.­html#NRS474Sec470.

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