NRS 472.200

  • approval
  • evaluation
  • delegation of evaluation
  • assistance with funding and operations.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 474.323 and 474.518, any business entity or cooperative or any two or more persons who own, lease, produce agriculture on or occupy property within a county in this State may establish a rangeland fire protection association by petitioning the board of county commissioners of the county in which the petitioners reside or in which their property is located for recognition as a rangeland fire protection association.


A board of county commissioners may approve a petition submitted pursuant to subsection 1 if the petitioners:


Meet the requirements established by the board relating to the creation, operation and duties of a rangeland fire protection association.


Provide to the board a copy of written notice from the State Forester Firewarden that the proposed rangeland fire protection association meets all the applicable requirements set forth in the regulations adopted by the State Forester Firewarden pursuant to NRS 472.210 concerning the formation, operation and training of the members of a rangeland fire protection association.


A board of county commissioners, in cooperation with the State Forester Firewarden or his or her designee, shall, before the board enters into a cooperative agreement with a rangeland fire protection association pursuant to NRS 472.060 or 472.070 and annually thereafter during the term of the agreement, evaluate:


The governance and management structure of the association;


The adequacy of any policy of liability insurance carried by the association;


The condition and maintenance of the vehicles and equipment used by the association in carrying out its duties; and


The training and qualifications of each member of the association in accordance with national standards or other substantially equivalent standards determined by the State Forester Firewarden.


A board of county commissioners may delegate the performance of the evaluation required pursuant to subsection 3 to the State Forester Firewarden. The State Forester Firewarden shall report to the board of county commissioners the results of any such delegated evaluation.


The board of county commissioners, the State Forester Firewarden and any other agency which is a party to a cooperative agreement entered into with a rangeland fire protection association shall, to the extent practicable, assist the association in procuring funding for the association, carrying out the duties of the association, training the members of the association and providing personal protective equipment for the members of the association.


The provisions of this section do not require a person to be a member of a rangeland fire protection association in order to protect his or her property from a rangeland fire.

Source: Section 472.200 — Formation; approval; evaluation; delegation of evaluation; assistance with funding and operations., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-472.­html#NRS472Sec200.

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