Nevada Witnesses and Evidence

Sec. § 47.140
Matters of law.

The laws subject to judicial notice are:


The Constitution and statutes of the United States, and the contents of the Federal Register.


The Constitution of this State and Nevada Revised Statutes.


Any other statute of this State if brought to the attention of the court by its title and the day of its passage.


A county, city or town code which has been filed as required by NRS 244.118, 268.014, 269.168 or the city charter and any city ordinance which has been filed or recorded as required by the applicable law.


The Nevada Administrative Code.


A regulation not included in the Nevada Administrative Code if adopted in accordance with law and brought to the attention of the court.


The population category and organization of a city incorporated pursuant to general law.


The constitution, statutes or other written law of any other state or territory of the United States, or of any foreign jurisdiction, as contained in a book or pamphlet published by its authority or proved to be commonly recognized in its courts.

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