NRS 467.100
Licenses for contestant, promoter, manager, trainer, ring official and others

  • temporary license
  • application for license
  • privileged statements
  • submission of fingerprints
  • withdrawal of application
  • uniform scale of fees
  • payment of costs of proceedings.


All contestants, promoters, managers, seconds, trainers and ring officials must be licensed by the Commission. No person may participate, directly or indirectly, in any professional contest or exhibition of unarmed combat unless the person has first procured a license from the Commission.


The Commission may deny an application for a license or grant a limited, restricted or conditional license for any cause deemed sufficient by the Commission.


If the Commission does not have sufficient time to review an application for issuance or renewal of a license before the applicant is scheduled to participate in a contest or exhibition of unarmed combat, the Chair of the Commission or the designee of the Chair may, absent any concerns about the qualifications for licensure of the applicant, grant the applicant a temporary license. If an applicant is denied a temporary license by the Chair or the designee of the Chair, the applicant may appeal the denial to the full Commission, which may grant or deny a temporary license to the applicant. After the granting of a temporary license to an applicant pursuant to this subsection, at the next scheduled meeting of the Commission at which the matter can be heard in compliance with the provisions of chapter 241 of NRS, the Commission shall grant, condition or deny the issuance of a license to the applicant for the remainder of the calendar year.


An application for a license constitutes a request for a determination of the applicant’s general suitability, character, integrity, and ability to participate or engage in, or be associated with contests or exhibitions of unarmed combat. The burden of proof is on the applicant to establish to the satisfaction of the Commission that the applicant is qualified to receive a license. By filing an application with the Commission, an applicant accepts the risk of adverse public notice, embarrassment, criticism, financial loss or other action with respect to the application, and expressly waives any claim for damages as a result thereof. Any written or oral statement that is made by any member of the Commission or any witness testifying under oath which is relevant to the application and investigation of the applicant is absolutely privileged and does not impose liability for defamation or constitute a ground for recovery in a civil action.


The Commission may require:


Each ring official and employee of the Commission; and


Any other applicant the Commission wishes to investigate,
Ê to submit to the Commission with the application a complete set of his or her fingerprints which the Commission may forward to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its report.


After an application has been submitted to the Commission, the application may not be withdrawn unless the Commission consents to the withdrawal.


The Commission shall fix a uniform scale of license fees.


In addition to the license fees required by subsection 7, the Commission may require an applicant for a license to:


Pay the costs of the proceedings associated with the issuance of the license, including, without limitation, investigative costs and attorney’s fees; and


Deposit with the Commission such an amount of money as the Commission deems necessary to pay for those costs. If any amount required to be deposited pursuant to this paragraph exceeds the actual cost of the proceedings, including, without limitation, investigative costs and attorney’s fees, the Commission shall refund the excess amount to the applicant upon the completion of the proceedings.

Source: Section 467.100 — Licenses for contestant, promoter, manager, trainer, ring official and others; temporary license; application for license; privileged statements; submission of fingerprints; withdrawal of application; uniform scale of fees; payment of costs of proceedings., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-467.­html#NRS467Sec100.

Jurisdiction of Commission.
Adoption, revision or repeal of rules by Commission: Notice
License for contest or exhibition
Licenses for contestant, promoter, manager, trainer, ring official and others
Payment of child support: Statement by applicant for license
Application for license to include social security number of applicant.
Contest or exhibition shown on closed-circuit telecast or motion picture for fee: Fee for license
Permit for promoter to present program
Additional fees for license of promoter
Additional fee for each ticket sold for admission to live professional contest of unarmed combat
Time for report to Commission and payment of additional fees by promoter.
Suspension, revocation and other disciplining of contestant and other participants
Hearing by member of Commission
Chair and Commission may issue subpoenas, administer oaths, appoint hearing examiners and pay certain expenses
Temporary suspension of license or permit or period of ineligibility by member or Executive Director of Commission pending final determination by Commission
Contract between contestant and licensee: Copy provided to contestant and Executive Director
Insurance for licensed contestants.
Advance against purse by promoter to licensee prohibited
Order to promoter to withhold part of purse or other money due certain contestants or manager or second
Registration of sanctioning organization or television network
Attendance of representative or member of Commission at weigh-ins, medical examinations, contests and exhibitions.
Promoter to control seating arrangements
Length of boxing contests and rounds
Drug testing.
Weighing-in of participants in boxing contests.
Revocation of license.
Penalties in lieu of or in addition to other disciplinary action
Reinstatement of revoked license: Payment of penalty prescribed by Commission
Renewal of licenses for contestant, promoter, manager, trainer, ring official and others: Application to include information relating to state business license
Confidentiality of certain information concerning applicant for license
Suspension of license for failure to pay child support or comply with certain subpoenas or warrants
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