Nevada Gaming; Horse Racing; Sporting Events

Sec. § 464.025
Regulations governing off-track pari-mutuel wagering; sharing of revenue; approval of Commission.


The Nevada Gaming Commission, upon the recommendation of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, may adopt regulations for:


The conduct by a licensee of off-track pari-mutuel wagering on a race, sporting event or other event; and


The approval of the terms and conditions of any agreement between a licensee and an agency of the state in which the race, sporting event or other event takes place or a person licensed or approved by that state to participate in the conduct of the race, sporting event or other event or the pari-mutuel system of wagering thereon.


A person or governmental agency must not receive any commission or otherwise share in the revenue from the conduct of off-track pari-mutuel wagering in this state without the approval of the Nevada Gaming Commission. The Commission may approve any person or governmental agency after such investigation as the Nevada Gaming Control Board deems proper.

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