Nevada Gaming; Horse Racing; Sporting Events

Sec. § 463.140
General powers and duties of Board and Commission.


The provisions of this chapter with respect to state gaming licenses and manufacturer’s, seller’s and distributor’s licenses must be administered by the Board and the Commission, which shall administer them for the protection of the public and in the public interest in accordance with the policy of this state.


The Board and the Commission and their agents may:


Inspect and examine all premises wherein gaming is conducted or gambling devices or equipment are manufactured, sold or distributed.


Inspect all equipment and supplies in, upon or about such premises.


Summarily seize and remove from such premises and impound any equipment, supplies, documents or records for the purpose of examination and inspection.


Demand access to and inspect, examine, photocopy and audit all papers, books and records of any applicant or licensee, on his or her premises, or elsewhere as practicable, and in the presence of the applicant or licensee, or his or her agent, respecting the gross income produced by any gaming business, and require verification of income, and all other matters affecting the enforcement of the policy or any of the provisions of this chapter.


Demand access to and inspect, examine, photocopy and audit all papers, books and records of any affiliate of a licensee whom the Board or Commission knows or reasonably suspects is involved in the financing, operation or management of the licensee. The inspection, examination, photocopying and audit may take place on the affiliate’s premises or elsewhere as practicable, and in the presence of the affiliate or its agent.


For the purpose of conducting audits after the cessation of gaming by a licensee, the former licensee shall furnish, upon demand of an agent of the Board, books, papers and records as necessary to conduct the audits. The former licensee shall maintain all books, papers and records necessary for audits for 1 year after the date of the surrender or revocation of his or her gaming license. If the former licensee seeks judicial review of a deficiency determination or files a petition for a redetermination, the former licensee must maintain all books, papers and records until a final order is entered on the determination.


The Board may investigate, for the purpose of prosecution, any suspected criminal violation of the provisions of this chapter, chapter 205 of NRS involving a crime against the property of a gaming licensee, NRS 207.195 or chapter 462, 463B, 464, 465 or 466 of NRS.


The Board and the Commission or any of its members has full power and authority to issue subpoenas and compel the attendance of witnesses at any place within this state, to administer oaths and to require testimony under oath. Any process or notice may be served in the manner provided for service of process and notices in civil actions. The Board or the Commission may pay such transportation and other expenses of witnesses as it may deem reasonable and proper. Any person making false oath in any matter before either the Board or Commission is guilty of perjury. The Board and Commission or any member thereof may appoint hearing examiners who may administer oaths and receive evidence and testimony under oath.

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