NRS 461A.170
Notice to vacate

  • agency may make repairs or demolish
  • extension for compliance with order
  • interference with repair or demolition prohibited
  • agency may require services of architect or engineer.


If the required repair or demolition is not commenced within 30 days after a final order issued under this chapter becomes effective:


The agency shall cause the mobile home described in the order to be vacated by posting in a conspicuous place on the mobile home a notice reading:
[Text not available]
[Text not available]
It is a misdemeanor to occupy this structure or to remove or deface this notice.
[Text not available]


A person shall not occupy any mobile home to which a notice pursuant to paragraph (a) has been posted. A person shall not remove or deface any notice so posted until the repairs, demolition or removal ordered by the agency have been completed and a certificate of occupancy has been issued.


The agency may, in addition to any other remedy provided in this section:


Cause the mobile home to be repaired to the extent necessary to correct the conditions which render the mobile home substandard as set forth in the order; or


If the order required demolition, cause the mobile home to be sold and demolished or, to be demolished and the materials, rubble and debris removed and the lot cleaned.
Ê Any such repair or demolition work must be accomplished and the cost paid and recovered in the manner provided in this chapter. Any surplus realized from the sale of the mobile home or from its demolition, above the cost of demolition and of cleaning the lot, must be paid to the person lawfully entitled to the money.


Upon receipt of any application from the person required to conform to the order and an agreement by the person that he or she will comply with the order if allowed additional time, the agency may grant an extension, not to exceed an additional 120 days, within which to complete the repairs or demolition, if the agency determines that an extension will not create or perpetuate a situation imminently dangerous to life or property. The agency’s authority to extend time is limited to the physical repair or demolition of the mobile home and must not extend the time to appeal the order.


A person shall not obstruct, impede or interfere with any officer, employee, contractor or authorized representative of the agency or with any person who owns or holds any interest in a mobile home which has been ordered repaired, vacated or demolished under the provisions of this chapter, or with any person to whom the mobile home has been lawfully sold pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, whenever the authorized person is engaged in the work of repairing, vacating and repairing, or demolishing the mobile home pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, or in performing any necessary act preliminary to or incidental to such work or authorized or directed pursuant to this chapter.


The agency may require the plans for repair to be prepared by an architect or engineer at the expense of the owner.

Source: Section 461A.170 — Notice to vacate; agency may make repairs or demolish; extension for compliance with order; interference with repair or demolition prohibited; agency may require services of architect or engineer., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-461A.­html#NRS461ASec170.

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