NRS 458A.200
Authority of court to establish program of treatment

  • conditions for assignment
  • administration.


A court may establish a program for the treatment of problem gambling to which it may assign a person pursuant to NRS 458A.210. The assignment must:


Include the terms and conditions for successful completion of the program;


Require that the person assigned to the program agree to pay restitution as a condition upon the election of treatment; and


Provide for progress reports at intervals set by the court to ensure that the person is making satisfactory progress toward completion of the program.


A program established pursuant to this section must be administered by a qualified mental health professional and must include, without limitation:


Information and encouragement for the participant to cease problem gambling through educational, counseling and support sessions;


The opportunity for the participant to understand the medical, psychological, social and financial implications of problem gambling; and


Appropriate referral to community, health, substance use disorder, religious and social service agencies for additional resources and related services, as needed.


Before the court assigns a person to a program for the treatment of problem gambling, the person must agree to pay the cost of the program to which he or she is assigned, to the extent of the financial resources of the person. If the person does not have the financial resources to pay all the related costs, the court shall, to the extent practicable, arrange for the person to be assigned to a program that receives a sufficient amount of federal or state funding to offset the remainder of the costs.

Source: Section 458A.200 — Authority of court to establish program of treatment; conditions for assignment; administration., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-458A.­html#NRS458ASec200.

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Feb. 5, 2021

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