Nevada Public Health and Safety

Sec. § 445A.950
Civil penalty and administrative fine against supplier of water for certain violations; enforcement proceedings.


Any supplier of water who:


Violates any standard established pursuant to NRS 445A.855;


Violates or fails to comply with an order issued pursuant to NRS 445A.930 or subsection 1 or 2 of NRS 445A.943;


Violates any condition imposed by the Commission upon granting a variance or exemption under NRS 445A.935;


Violates a regulation adopted by the Commission pursuant to NRS 445A.860 or 445A.880; or


Fails to give a notice as required by NRS 445A.940,
Ê is liable for a civil penalty, to be recovered by the Attorney General in the name of the Division, of not more than $25,000 for each day of the violation.


In addition to the civil penalty prescribed in subsection 1, the Division may impose an administrative fine against a supplier of water who commits any violation enumerated in subsection 1. The administrative fine imposed may not be more than $5,000 per day for each such violation.


The civil penalty and administrative fine prescribed in this section may be imposed in addition to any other penalties or relief prescribed in NRS 445A.800 to 445A.955, inclusive.


In addition to any other remedy provided by this chapter, the Division may compel compliance with any provision of NRS 445A.800 to 445A.955, inclusive, or of any permit, certificate, standard, regulation or final order adopted or issued thereto, by injunction or other appropriate remedy. The Division may institute and maintain in the name of the State of Nevada any such enforcement proceedings.

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