NRS 435.555
Rights concerning admission and discharge of consumers.


Each consumer admitted for evaluation, treatment or training to a facility has the following rights concerning admission to the facility, a list of which must be prominently posted in all facilities providing those services and must be otherwise brought to the attention of the consumer by such additional means as prescribed by regulation:


The right not to be admitted to the facility under false pretenses or as a result of any improper, unethical or unlawful conduct by a staff member of the facility to collect money from the insurance company of the consumer or for any other financial purpose.


The right to receive a copy, on request, of the criteria upon which the facility makes its decision to admit or discharge a consumer from the facility. Such criteria must not, for emergency admissions or involuntary court-ordered admissions, be based on the availability of insurance coverage or any other financial considerations.


As used in this section, “improper conduct” means a violation of the rules, policies or procedures of the facility.

Source: Section 435.555 — Rights concerning admission and discharge of consumers., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-435.­html#NRS435Sec555.

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