Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 41.600
Actions by victims of fraud.


An action may be brought by any person who is a victim of consumer fraud.


As used in this section, “consumer fraud” means:


An unlawful act as defined in NRS 119.330;


An unlawful act as defined in NRS 205.2747;


An act prohibited by NRS 482.36655 to 482.36667, inclusive;


An act prohibited by NRS 482.351; or


A deceptive trade practice as defined in NRS 598.0915 to 598.0925, inclusive.


If the claimant is the prevailing party, the court shall award the claimant:


Any damages that the claimant has sustained;


Any equitable relief that the court deems appropriate; and


The claimant’s costs in the action and reasonable attorney’s fees.


Any action brought pursuant to this section is not an action upon any contract underlying the original transaction.

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