Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 41.193
Declaration of domicile in other state.


A person who:


Is or was domiciled in a state other than Nevada and who:


Has a residence in Nevada; or


Does or has done acts within Nevada which, independently of his or her actual intention concerning domicile, might be taken to indicate that the person is or intends to be domiciled in Nevada; and


Desires to maintain or continue his or her domicile in a state other than Nevada,
Ê may manifest and evidence his or her permanent domicile in that other state by filing in the office of the clerk of the district court in any county in Nevada in which the person has a residence or in which the person may have performed those acts, a sworn statement that his or her domicile is in a state other than Nevada, naming the state and stating that he or she intends to permanently continue domicile in that state.


The sworn statement filed pursuant to this section must contain, in addition to the declaration required in subsection 1, a declaration that the person making the statement is, at the time of making the statement, a resident of a state other than Nevada, and it must set forth the place of residence which the person maintains in the state or the fact that the person does not maintain a residence in Nevada. It must also set forth other facts with reference to any acts done by the person which the person desires not be construed as evidencing an intention to establish his or her domicile in Nevada.

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