Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 41.033
Failure to inspect or discover hazards, deficiencies or other matters; inspection does not create warranty or assurance concerning hazards, deficiencies or other matters.


No action may be brought under NRS 41.031 or against an officer or employee of the State or any of its agencies or political subdivisions which is based upon:


Failure to inspect any building, structure, vehicle, street, public highway or other public work, facility or improvement to determine any hazards, deficiencies or other matters, whether or not there is a duty to inspect; or


Failure to discover such a hazard, deficiency or other matter, whether or not an inspection is made.


An inspection conducted with regard to a private building, structure, facility or improvement constitutes a public duty and does not warrant or ensure the absence of any hazard, deficiency or other matter.

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