NRS 404.180


The office of road inspector shall be without compensation. No money shall be paid from public funds to defray any expenses incurred therein or thereby unless by order of the board of county commissioners there shall be especially prescribed a limit of compensation for the office in each road district. The order shall especially name the road district wherein the compensation may be given, and no road inspector shall receive any compensation as such officer unless such compensation shall have been fixed by the board of county commissioners within the limit prescribed for such road district previous to his or her appointment as road inspector.


When a compensation is given it shall be paid to the road inspector from the road fund of the road district in and for which any services are performed by the road inspector.


Such compensation shall:


Be a daily wage.


Not exceed the limit especially prescribed by law for that county.


Be fixed by the board of county commissioners before the appointment of the road inspector who is to receive it.


Be in full for all services and expenses of all kinds of the road inspector.

Source: Section 404.180 — Compensation., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-404.­html#NRS404Sec180.

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